Church History

Our History
Eternal Hope Lutheran church began in 1972 when Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, of Anoka, Minnesota, started the church as a mission congregation. 
Initially services were held in the music room of Jackson Junior High School.  A small framed "house church" was built in 1974, and has been added to several times.  

The Lord has greatly blessed our congregation, which now has 250 baptized and 204 communicant members.

Our Pastors:
     Deacon Wayne Austreng  (1972 - 1976) 
     Pastor Gary Lodholz   (1977 - 1980)
     Pastor Jack Jacobson  (1981 - 1993)
     Pastor Roger Dramstad (1995 - 2017)
     Reverend Bill Hillyer (2017 - Present)